Something's got to give.

Hamster wheel Hi. My name is Sara. And I've been really terrible about writing on this blog recently.

In my defense, the last few months have been extremely busy, both personally and professionally. Not a good excuse, I know, but sometimes, something's just got to give. And for me, unfortunately, that "something" has been finding the time to write. I know that people say, "When you really want to do something, you can always find a way," but truthfully I feel like the only way that might happen is with a fairy godmother, who generously grants deserving people a few extra hours in the day (a girl can dream, right?).  All kidding aside, one thing that I know about myself is that I am happier and more grounded when I have time to myself to think — which for me also includes time to plan, process, and write — and not having that time makes a hectic lifestyle seem even more so. It's a vicious circle: I get stressed because I don't have time to myself to think, but I can't think about it because there's too much else to take care of. Rewind, repeat, and repeat again.

Next week is the NAA Conference, which is both incredibly hectic (we have our annual company meeting while at the conference) and a lot of fun (see previous; plus I get to see many of my industry friends, which is always a treat). This year's conference is in my hometown of Boston, which means I can spend more time thinking, and less time traveling — a huge perk. Once we get back, I hope things will have calmed down a little bit, and I can get back to "thinking" and writing on a more regular schedule.

In the meantime, if you happen to see a fairy godmother flitting around, could you please send her my way?


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