So, what else do you do?

This weekend, I was at yoga, and this very nice woman started talking with me while we were waiting for the early class to let out. She followed me into the studio, laid her mat next to mine, and we continued to make small talk. Then out of the blue, she said, "So, what else do you do?"

I paused. I had absolutely no idea what she was asking me. What else did I do...when? I practice yoga three times a week, and when not at the studio, I'm usually working or running after my daughter, and sometimes both of those things at the same time (i.e., last week, when C had a fever that lasted FIVE DAYS). I said as much, and she said, "Oh! Wow. You're in great shape for working out only a few times a week."

As I was trying to figure out whether her remark was actually intended as a compliment, I learned that she was from Los Angeles. AHA! Though this might be a gross generalization, I tend to think that Angelenos have slightly higher standards of beauty/fitness than my native New Englanders: after all, they're living in the movie capital of the world, where personal trainers, plastic surgery and paparazzi abound. So for this woman to blurt out that I was in great shape? Most definitely a compliment. And the fact that she happened to say this one day after my 36th birthday, when I was looking in the mirror and contemplating whether my current routine was "enough"...well, gee. That was one serious ego boost.

So to my new friend Nikki, thanks. You don't know it, but you gave me a really nice birthday present. And to my yoga teachers, who always know just how to push me to the next level: you guys rock. Namaste.


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