Out with the old, in with the new.

There are only a few days left in 2010, which means it's time for the infamous "New Year's Resolution." While spending time with my family over Christmas, we went around the dinner table and each said what our resolutions were. Most were typical: to be a calmer, nicer, more patient person; to work out more/lose weight, etc. (Mine, in case you're wondering? I'm keeping it simple this year and have set a very concrete goal: I will continue going to yoga at least once a week. That covers the calmer/nicer/more patient category, and also covers "work out more." Two birds, one stone.)

My sister, however, declared that she was going to make an effort to call us all on a more regular basis. This brought out catcalls, hoots of laughter, and lots of snorting from everyone around the table. Why? My sister is notoriously awful at keeping in touch. It often takes multiple phone calls before she'll bother calling anyone back, unless there is a Crisis of Mass Proportion at stake. My mom will sometimes call me and lament that she fears that my sister has fallen into a ditch somewhere, and why oh why does she insist on living in NYC where there is (supposedly) harm lurking around every corner? K is definitely better with email and texting, but even there, she is almost never the one to initiate a conversation. She has no real excuse for her lack of communication, either, besides, "I'm just REALLY busy." (I have little sympathy for this excuse, as we're ALL busy.)

Still, as we were driving home this week, I felt a bit badly for laughing snorting (yep, I was one of the snorters) during our dinner conversation: why shouldn't keeping in touch be one of K's resolutions for 2011? It's a new year: a time to phase out bad habits and phase in new, more positive ones. But then I recalled my other sister's pledge: she doesn't like making resolutions at all, she said, because she always feels like she's setting herself up to fail, and she'd prefer to simply make a lifestyle change on her own schedule. Interesting viewpoint, and I can't say I disagree: I've already been going to yoga on a regular basis for several months, yet am making that my resolution for next year. Making a resolution (or not) doesn't have to be limited to the start of a new year: people make life-changing decisions every day. Some of them stick, and some don't. Some morph into major changes that we could never have seen coming. And some decisions are made for us, whether we like it or not.

I'm welcoming 2011 and all of its wonderful, maddening uncertainty with open arms, and will continue to practice yoga at least once weekly to help me sail through the year with flying colors. Calmer, nicer, more patient person, I look forward to getting to know you better. And K, I look forward to your phone calls. :)


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