Putting the "family" in multifamily.

Over the course of my career, I've heard a couple of variations of the phrase, "We really know how to put the 'family' into multifamily." And interestingly, I've found that the longer I'm in the industry, the more I've really come to appreciate and agree with that statement. Of course, as an industry, we collectively provide quality housing for thousands of families, but taking it to a more micro level, my company makes a concerted effort to educate, encourage and empower all employees to do their jobs as best as possible. Our vendors, suppliers and partners are always ready to help us do our business better. And, my colleagues at other, similar companies are more than willing to network, brainstorm and share their experiences: when I have a question about a process, product or conference, I can easily get some feedback by sending a quick email or picking up the phone. I know most industries are fairly tightly knit, but being in real estate, everyone truly seems to know everyone, and the proverbial "six degrees of separation" is usually limited to only two or three degrees. Long live the family!


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