So many conferences, so little time.

True confession: I love conferences. I love the deep-dives that conferences offer, I love roundtables, and I love networking. Since the first month of 2010 is almost behind us, I thought I'd post an initial list of conferences that I hope to attend this year.

1. The CMO Club Summit - April 21 - 22, 2010, NYC.
More than 100 CMOs are expected to attend this spring's Summit. I was very sad to miss the fall conference in California (due to the fact that it overlapped with the NMHC Tech Conference). Needless to say, I am really hoping to get to NYC in a few months; this is a top-notch group and every networking event I've been to has been outstanding.

2. Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference - April 28 - April 30, 2010, Huntington Beach, CA.
A conference of multifamily industry peers, this year's AIM conference promises to cover renter reviews, social media, resident portals and much, much more.

3. National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Conference and Exhibition - June 24-26, 2010, New Orleans, LA.
My new company sends approximately 60 people annually to the NAA Conference. I am extremely excited for New Orleans - my manager is chairing the conference this year, and he and his committee have put together an amazing agenda, with speakers ranging from former President George W. Bush to William Taylor, Co-founder and Founding Editor of Fast Company. And of course, the educational sessions promise to cover a ton of ground as well, with tracks for Executive, Marketing and Leasing, Operations/Best Practices, Specialty Housing, Technology and more.

4. National MultiHousing Council (NMHC) Apartment Operations and Technology Conference & Exposition - November 14 - 16, 2010, Dallas, TX.
Having recently attended the 2009 Tech Conference, I am hoping to attend the 2010 conference as well...especially since the NMHC is rebranding the conference as an Operations/Technology Conference. It will be very interesting to see how that changes the agenda and attendee list.

I'm sure this list will grow as the months tick by...what conferences are on your must-attend list this year?


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