On your mark...get set...go! Or: keeping up with an 8 month old.

I have been sick on and off for weeks, thanks in part to C's ever-increasing mobility, and the past month has been one big blur of doctor's appointments, fractured sleep, and cold medicine. In the meantime, she's gone from scootching on her tummy to crawling and now cruising all over the place. I am grossly unprepared for childproofing our house, but it really needs to happen...and now. What worked for us just two weeks ago (leave C in the middle of the living room, run to get a bowl of cereal, and come back) is no longer an option. Thanks to that experiment, a box of Kleenex met its early death last week.

I polled a few friends who have already been to the races (so to speak), and the majority suggested that we start with babyproofing just one room. So far, we've invested in a baby gate, though we have yet to install it, and we've bought a bunch of plug covers. Those little things have made me feel a bit more secure, but there are so many other things that I feel like we should be doing. If you've ever searched online for "babyproofing products," a zillion results come up...everything from toilet locks to cabinet magnets to faucet covers.

Another friend said that I should let C show us what needs to be changed. While I agree with that (no sense in buying a bunch of stuff that you don't need), it's hard to wait and see. Before C was mobile, I never thought twice about a rogue dust bunny, or whether an electrical cord was sticking out. Suddenly, I am crawling around on my own hands and knees to try and get a better perspective on what would be attractive to her. And the answer is: everything. It makes me feel like the entire house needs to be reorganized, which is a little overwhelming.

Any tips? What worked for your family?


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