Ten of my fave Tweeters.

At a recent CMO Club dinner, I was talking up Twitter, and one of my new contacts asked for a list of some people to follow. So, without further ado, and in the interest of keeping my promise, here's a (very) short list of some of my favorite people, pubs, and brands who Tweet.

In no particular order:
  1. @adage Constant feed of media news from the online publication.
  2. @MediaPost Another great marketing/social media news source.
  3. @mashable Pete Cashmore runs Mashable, a fantastic resource for all things social media.
  4. @chrisbrogan Social media giant. Reading his tweets is like reading someone's stream of consciousness (and I mean that in a good way: he always has interesting things to say).
  5. @CocaCola and
  6. @Ford Coke and Ford really listen to their fans, and are models for how big companies can and should use Twitter.
  7. @HubSpot Fascinating inbound marketing company, hosts of timely webinars, and geniuses behind the fantastic Inbound Marketing University. While you're at it, follow
  8. HubSpot founder @dharmesh, and
  9. Singing inbound marketer @repcor.
  10. @MktgExperiments The science behind sales and marketing.

And for your reading pleasure, here's a bonus short list of some CMOs on Twitter:

@BestBuyCMO (Best Buy)

@TedRubin (e.l.f. cosmetics)

@KentHuffman (BearCom Wireless)

@ExpressLisaG (Express)

@SonnyG (WeddingWire)

@JeffreyHayzlett (Kodak)

I have a lot of additional favorites, and will post another list soon. Whose tweets do you love to read?


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