Coughing = coffee.

In my first post, I promised that I would write about both marketing and motherhood. While being a mom has been a wonderful journey so far, it is also a lot of hard work, even at the best of times. (All the experienced parents reading this: please feel free to say "Duh.") And no surprise, when the going gets rough, the tough get...COFFEE.

I have consumed more coffee in the past few weeks alone than I probably have in the last year, reason being that my daughter has had a cough since the end of March. And every time she coughs, I want to jump out of my skin. Unfortunately, that's not exactly conducive to a restful night's sleep, hence my new coffee addiction. (Or Diet Coke. Or caffeinated Crystal Light. Or anything else that has a hefty dose of caffeine.) Fortunately, she is happy and healthy as a horse, the doctors claim. A infant's cough can apparently linger for weeks - who knew?

In the meantime, I am thrilled that it's now warm enough to add iced coffee to my caffeine rotation.


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