Hello, 2016.

I am a bit embarrassed that I haven't written a post in months. This fall was incredibly busy with travel, work, and family commitments, and somehow blogging just fell to the bottom of the list. I wish I had gotten my act together sooner, but there are only so many hours in a day. (Onward and upward!)

In just a few short weeks, I will celebrate a milestone birthday — and surprisingly, I am not nearly as freaked out as I thought I'd be. Someone very close to me recently said, "Why WOULD you be freaked out? You have so much to be proud of, and so much to be thankful for." And I found myself nodding in agreement. My life is certainly not perfect, and I firmly believe that there is always room to grow, but I am very lucky to have a family that I adore, wonderful friends, and a rewarding career.

Life is indeed good.

But, it is also sometimes very messy. And embracing that mess is not always easy. I just finished reading a book that explored the "what ifs" in one woman's life, and it made me wonder what my own life would look like, if I had chosen a different path. (My very own midlife crisis!) When you stop and think about it, every decision we make somehow influences our future: how we spend our time, who we spend that time with, what we say...the list goes on. You name it, it has a lasting impression. And when you look back, you realize that all of those tiny decisions somehow come together to create a slightly messy (and beautiful) tapestry that is uniquely your own.

This year, as I face a new decade, I am resolving to Embrace The Mess. I may gain a few additional wrinkles along the way, but somehow, I think they'll be worth it.

Cheers to a wonderful, challenging — and yes, messy— year ahead.


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