A very social 2012.

Happy new year, everyone. I don't know about your December, but mine flew. Between C's birthday and all of the Christmas-related festivities, the month just blasted by. And now...it's a whole week into 2012. I won't talk about resolutions (personal or professional), since there have been many eloquently written posts on that topic already, but I will tell you that our marketing strategy for the year ahead includes lots of social. Yippee!
  • All of our properties (save a small handful, based on recommendations from our regional managers) will be getting Facebook Pages by the end of Q1. I've been blasting ahead with this initiative (our pilot program quickly grew from three to six properties this fall), and am so looking forward to our next wave of properties going live. Overall, our on-site teams are doing a fabulous job managing their pages, and we've had very few hiccups.
  • We will soon be setting up a corporate Facebook Page for our company to share new developments, employee achievements, and more. I don't know whether we'll also set up a corporate Twitter account, but in the spirit of optimism, I reserved a name for us...just in case. ;)
  • We will (hopefully) be setting up a Pinterest page. I've been playing with Pinterest on a personal level for about a month now, and am loving how creative some other management companies and industry vendors are getting with this user-friendly platform. (If you're new to Pinterest, check out Weidner, Bailey Properties, and the Apartment Guide's boards to start.)
  • We will also be continuing to work on our online reputation management plan, which includes claiming all of our online listings, responding to reviews in a timely fashion, and starting to ask our residents to write reviews.
In addition, we'll be rolling out revenue management with a few test properties, and (fingers crossed) redoing our corporate website this year—a project which was originally slated for 2011, and was tabled due to other projects taking priority. It's going to be an incredibly busy, but incredibly exciting year, and I'm really looking forward to taking our company's marketing efforts to the next level.

What does your 2012 look like?  Here's to a happy, healthy, and productive year for us all.


  1. Congratulations Sara!
    Keeping all of that going in the right direction and organized is no small task. It an ongoing training issue to keep the site staff focused, but when they "get it" magic happens. We had a nice SM Day Saturday, and sent the below email to our gang to squash the excuses.

    Best of Luck in your pursuit, and there are lots of us around to help should you ever need it.

    Hi Gang,
    On Saturday Heather displayed an excellent mix of Facebook Posts on Living The Urbane Life Facebook Page that resulted in considerable "Engagement"

    She posted (6) times spread throughout the day, with a mix of articles, pictures and just text with questions that resulted in (54) "Likes" (20) "Comments" and (3) "Shares" Note that there were no giveaways or swag, just her reaching out and connecting to folks.

    She accomplished this on a Saturday, one of our busiest leasing days, working solo, and she leased some apartments!

    Great Job Heather!

  2. Wow, that is awesome, Eric! Heather's activity is really admirable. Our teams aren't posting quite as frequently, but we've also had good luck posting a mix of content. That definitely helps to encourage more resident interaction on our Pages, too.

    Thank you for reading and sharing...and I greatly appreciate your offer. I'll keep you posted!


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